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Web Migration

Thought Inc. can provide superior performance, efficiency and interactivity on legacy business solutions for customers. Organisations globally run businesses using legacy applications that have evolved over years and diverse platforms with technology developments, better performance efficiency and web enabled interactivity are required to support these businesses.

Migration to Web of legacy applications allows organisations to extend the knowledge and usage of these applications, whilst deploying the implementation potential of the very latest technologies.

Our experience in business software applications shared with our applied expertise in available web technologies ensures successful migration of our client's applications to web.

Migration Steps:

  1. Close study of legacy application
  2. Capture business functionality
  3. Determine requirements and risks
  4. Determine optimal migration solution
  5. Assure effective comprehension and smooth migration

After studying client applications and understanding user cases, Thought Inc. will build a browser-based version of our customer’s applications that preserves the essential features and takes full advantage of the web platform. We have delivered and installed such applications for clients on a global scale.


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