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With this exciting and interactive platform for publications you can pinpoint the exact distribution readership of your publication and analyze the behavior of your subscribers.

With digital publications your company can:

  1. 1. Attract more readers and better engage them with interactive collateral elements such as video and audio.
    2. Get detailed insight about readers’ behavior, ranging from simple statistics such as readership to detailed analytics such as heat maps that show where readers zoomed in most frequently.
    3. Expand your readership by offering a flexible delivery model for your collateral that includes social networking, email, web and mobile.
    4. Cut costs from print and distribution. By offering digital equivalents you can get your message out to your audience in a much more cost-efficient way. Our customers have been proven to deliver cost-savings of up to 95% while increasing overall readership.
    5. Achieve rapid ROI. 80% of our customers report that their digital publication investment paid for itself within five months by lowering costs and driving more revenue.

The extent of tools and platforms available are extensive, so a clearly defined strategy to utilise the most important to reach the existing and desired markets are critical.

Your readers will love it

When messaging your audience through digital media, high performance, compatibility, and being user-friendly make the difference. The easier it is for your readers to open and navigate through your digital collateral, the higher the chance that you leave a good impression. In addition, presenting your content with minimum wait is critical when attracting and maintaining your readers' attention.

We thought about these factors when we created our fast-loading platform for digital issues. And because we thought it through, you don't have to think about issues like compatibility and performance. All you have to think about when your collateral goes on the air are these distribution options:

  1. 1. We adapt to each reader’s local settings. Designed to automatically fit any screen resolution, browser and device the fastest way possible.
    2. Save your collateral as offline versions. You can choose to download an exact copy of your online issue on a single file. Save these pieces on flash drives for promotional offers or for use during your next company presentation.
    3. Full support for email marketing distribution. The simple structure makes this solution perfect for email delivery. Simply insert a link in your email referencing the page you want to promote.


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