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Blackberry Application Development

Considered as a pioneer in smart phones, Blackberry has been successfully serving telecommunication needs for over a decade. Over these years, it has gone from being the premier mobile device for email communications to a holistic smart phone that facilitates a variety of applications.

We at Thought Inc consider ourselves as the Blackberry equivalent of the application design and development sector. With pioneering ideas, effective use of technology and innovative approaches we help businesses to launch unique mobile solutions for internal as well as external use.

Our relationship with this technology goes as back as far as the inception of our company. With unmatchable expertise, our team of developer offers you varied mobile solutions for all kinds of Blackberry versions. Our customers rely on our technical excellence to achieve significant value for money out of their investment.

Our team is extremely proficient with two software platforms - The J2ME and MDS which are commonly employed for application development on Blackberry. By leveraging the capabilities of these software platforms, we deliver highly feature rich applications that consist of functionalities that are effective to your cause.

The Blackberry Advantage

We at Thought Inc are able to deliver to you a variety of advantages specific to Blackberry.

  • Leverage the Open Development platform it Offers
  • Ensure comprehensive security and compliance
  • Facilitate comprehensive manageability for your IT team
  • Facilitate integration with your enterprise software if needed
  • Facilitate integration with your business phone systems if needed

This platform has been an especial favorite among the business community for ears together. Only recently did it expand its market demographic by catering to non professional consumers. Laced with a unique set of features, we at Thought Inc are able to help you optimize these to meet your business goals.

For more information on our services, call us on +027-011-258 8818 or write to us on sales@thoughtinc.co.za.


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